Politics in Posts

Charles “Tony” Dobbins Department of Georgia Adjutant - 9/3/2020

We are an organization of 1.6M members worldwide. We all have an opinion of who should lead our country at the federal, state, and local levels. I ask that you not make your fellow comrades and auxiliary members uncomfortable by having political discussions at VFW or Auxiliary sponsored events or activities. I do ask you to Exercise Your Right to VOTE and cast YOUR VOTE for the best candidate that will support our veteran’s priorities and protect the benefits that you were promised and earned.

Please be respectful of each other and stay safe during these turbulent times.

Yours in Comradeship,

Charles A. "Tony” Dobbins
National Legislative Committee Member - Georgia

Sec. 702 - Politics.
No officer or member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States shall in any manner use the Veterans of Foreign Wars for partisan politics and no discussion of partisan questions shall be permitted at any meetings nor shall any nominations,
recommendations or endorsements for political office be made, provided this shall not apply to discussion of policies of any organization that seeks to alter our present form of government by force, violence or other unlawful means.

Participation in activities supporting or opposing legislation or administration of laws for veteran's welfare or relating to other matters pertaining to the purposes of the organization shall be permitted. Such participation shall be consistent with the legislative and welfare programs and policies approved by the National Convention.

No Post, County Council, District or Department shall participate in a labor dispute, either on behalf of labor or management. No member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States shall wear the VFW uniform or VFW cap in any plant or picket line or meeting of employees where a labor dispute arises.

Nothing contained in this Section shall prevent the organization of a lawful political action committee to further the purposes of the VFW as set forth in Section 230102 of the Congressional Charter, nor prevent any discussion of the activities of such a committee.