Program Description

Each year, Post 12002 recognizes the top Cadet from each of the Junior ROTC programs in the cities of Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Milton.  The Instructors in each program select an outstanding Cadet who is in the last two years of his or her program, is actively engaged in the JROTC program and possesses individual characteristics contributing to leadership.


In order to be considered, the Cadet must have :

  • A positive attitude toward their JROTC program
  • Outstanding military bearing and conduct
  • Strong, positive personal attributes
  • Demonstrated Patriotism and promotion of Americanism
  • Demonstrated Leadership Potential
  • An average grade of "B” or better in their JROTC program
  • An average grade of "C” or better in all other subjects
  • Participation in student activities
  • No prior award



This award consists of a Certificate, Bronze Medal and Ribbon (shown to the left), and a $100 Cash Award.

Traditionally, the presentation is done by two VFW Post 12002 Officers at the JROTC Unit's annual awards ceremony.

For a summary of the Junior and Senior ROTC Award Programs, a full description of the Awards,
and a complete list of the Requirements for Eligibility, click here.



For more information, or to schedule an awards presentation, contact ...

Jim Davis    770-235-4858    davis1824@comcast.net

  ... and provide the School Name, Battalion Name, Cadet's Rank and Name, Date and Time of the award ceremony, and contact person within the JROTC program.