Michael J. O'Steen Adjutant/Quartermaster - 5/9/2019

The Department of Georgia VFW continues to grow! Please join State Commander Tony Dobbins and congratulate the following Post Commanders and their membership for breaking the 100% membership mark, that helped us keep growing...

District 1--Renis Barrett Calhoun vfw POst 5376, Calhoun, Commander Bob Bates, (100.00%), and

District 2--Forsyth County VFW Post 9143, Cumming, Commander David Hopkins, (100.00%), and

District 3--Michael G. Gecik VFW POST 6330, Jonesboro, Commander Michael Brown, (100.58%),and

District 5--Albert J. Perry VFW Post 4629, LaGrange, Commander Deborah Clark, (100.65%),and

District 7--Coffee County VFW Post 5976, Douglas, Commander Mike O'Steen, (103.37%), and

District 7--Walter F. George VFW POST 6602, Hinesville, Commander Eddie Perez, (100.00%) and

Also Congratulations to

VFW Post 4570, Clayton (105.68%), 
VFW Post 4180 Snellville Ga., (110.36%), Helen Denton VFW Post 3650, Fayetteville, Georgia, (106.93%), 
VFW Post 12110, Columbus, (105.50%), and VFW Post 4784, Americus, (113.51%) for becoming the newest "Team 105" members.

We now have 71 Posts, and 6 Districts (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, & 7) at or above the 100% membership mark, and 31 Posts that are members of "Team 105"!!!

Congratulations to All--We are in new territory this year-- the Department is now at 102.15%!!! Let's continue to GROW the Department of Georgia!!!

National is at 99.99%, if you would like to help break the 100% membership mark for the first time in 17 years, just add a few members soon!!

Thanks for all your hard work, and all you do,

Michael J. O'Steen